Uneeka Care Instructions

We hope that you will love your furniture as much as we do, so to keep it looking brand new please make sure you follow the do's & don'ts mentioned below.


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Furniture Care “Do’s”

• Do dust regularly with a lint free cloth.
• Do test polishes & waxes on a discreet area first.
• Do mop up spills immediately with a soft damp cloth, being careful not to saturate the surface. Dry the surfaces thoroughly afterwards.
• Do protect rugs from narrow legs on furniture as they can damage fibres.
• Do clean your leather regularly with a leather cleaner to keep it looking at it’s best.
• Do regularly turn seat pads to prevent uneven wear.


Furniture Care “Don’ts”

• Don’t use solvent based sprays as they can dry out furniture or damage it.
• Don’t leave wooden furniture exposed to excessive or extreme temperatures.The excessive heat or humidity can lead to warping.
• Don’t leave leather or wooden furniture in direct sunlight as it can cause fading and affect the finish ofthe piece.
• Don’t use abrasives on painted surfaces as they will take of the painted finish.
• Don’t place hot objects directly onto furniture.